What to look for in a mastectomy bra

Navigating life post-mastectomy is stressful enough. Finding the right bra just adds to the challenge.  

Although all mastectomy bras should be comfortable, adapt to your body as it changes shape, and offer support (… and look good!), there is no one-size-fits-all mastectomy bra. However, there are some things I suggest you look for in a bra post-breast surgery. 

First of all, straight after surgery, no matter whether you have had a unilateral or bilateral mastectomy, there will be initial fluid retention and swelling. Try to find a bra with lots of hook and eye options (this one is coming soon @FUUK Cancer). After surgery, your bra should fit on the loosest hook, so you can gradually tighten it by going up the hooks as your swelling reduces. 

It can take up to a year for your chest area and skin to recover after surgery, so its best to avoid underwire bras, which can be really uncomfortable and even painful. For extra comfort, try bra strap cushions on your shoulder straps. You can buy these from most lingerie shops and online. 

Once your skin has healed, you may be able to wear non-mastectomy bras, but if you plan to wear prosthetic breasts, your bras should still be well-fitting and have a full cup to hold the prosthetics in place.

Mastectomy bras typically have an internal pocket sewn into the inside of the bra cup, specifically designed to keep breast prosthetics in place and prevent them from moving around.

A huge gripe women have with mastectomy bras is that they often look like something their grandma would have worn! It can be a real a mood killer, especially as most of us are already dealing with issues surrounding our identity and femininity post-surgery.    

This is why I decided to provide breast cancer survivors with sexy, low-cut and comfy bras that meet all the above must-haves. We should feel comfortable – and look and feel damn good, too! FUUK Cancer’s Lifestyle and Signature bras will make you feel supported, comfortable and – most of all – good about yourself! 

The lowdown on our Lifestyle and Signature mastectomy bras: 

•    Versatile fit, from flat to a C cup
•    Pocketed
•    Convertible straps, with a central hook to convert to a racerback
•    Longline band
•    Hidden seams
•    Wire-free
•    Flexible for ease of putting on
•    Breathable, soft fabric (89% Supplex®, 11% LYCRA) that holds its shape
•    Durable and moisture wicking 

Check out our mastectomy bras here and our range of FUUK Cancer merch and apparel here 

And if you have any thoughts on post-mastectomy bras or would simply like to get in touch, feel free to drop me a line!

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