Chemo Tips To Get You Through

By Kate Mudge
Cancer Warrior who sadly lost her battle with Cancer
These are a few tips that have been helping me get through the yucky part of chemo. Not for one second am I saying it will work for everyone, but I wish I had some fun tips when I first got diagnosed.
I had a bilateral mastectomy at 23, the bras they have on offer did not fit my style. I find the Lorna Jane Pammy Bras the best fitting. I always asked for extra padding so that it makes it look like you have boobs. You can also step into the bras which is life-saving after surgery. I’ve attempted to write to Lorna to say hey let's make a mastectomy bra. I find it fits comfortably and supports any stiffness also.
My eyebrows have always been something that made me feel good, bald or with hair. This time around before chemo I got them microbladed. I know it’s the last thing you might be thinking of. But it was a game-changer for me. It gave me colour to those greys days. It is pricey but you might be able to arrange to pay it off given the circumstance. Speak with your Breast Care nurse before making any commitments.
I’ve been trialling face tan water, finding it adds colour to my face. Faking it till I make it.
I found later in my chemo my feet started to hurt, wider shoes made so much difference. I brought a pair on ASOS for a reasonable price that were still fashionable.
I have been using gentle face and body wash, my whole body can become sensitive from time to time. I carry around wet wipes for hands, cleaning toilet seats and times when the toilet paper is the soft stuff. Sounds silly but I found my body became sensitive like a baby.
Just a few tips and tricks, the best advice I have been given is to do it your way and tell people I’m having a cancer-free day. For me, this means I don’t want to talk about cancer today.

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