Cancer - One or Two Boobs Please

I just read that title back to myself and thought, how did I ever answer that question. Yes, surgeon, I will have the 2 boob mastectomy option. WTF!!! I actually don’t remember much about that decision except that I knew I had to keep any emotion out of it. My beautiful surgeon had explained my options and I needed to make my next move. I had to remove any connection to my body, my soul and my sexuality and just think about the disease and my odds of survival.
The reality is I didn’t need my breasts. I needed to live. I needed to be there for my kids and make decisions based on survival. I actually think doing neoadjuvant therapy – chemo before surgery - actually made my decision easier. Having a three weekly injection of mind and body altering drugs will quickly tell you that you never want to walk this path again. And this is basically the bottom line, once you have faced premature death I think making radical decisions to stay alive is not that unusual.
So yes the 2 boob option it was thanks!
Now that’s done - I am often asked, by people I am close too and weirdly people who I am not that close too if I am considering reconstruction. I’m sure my flat friends can relate. Well the answer is no, not really. Am I happy I have no breasts, well no not really but life is life and I am really lucky to be alive. I choose to be happy with what I have. Shit, this could have been a lot worse for me, trust me! So in case you are wondering, no, no reconstruction for me.
So I’m sitting here breastless and wearing a bloody awesome FUUK Cancer Signature Bra. I’m ready to find that bloody cure and then our lovely ladies will no longer have to lose their boobs to this shit disease.
Bring it on, Cancer!

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    Thanks I appreciate you!

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